History of Ngounou & Moyo

Rose Ngounou and Jean Moyo  were a Cameroonian couple who met in 1946 at Bafoussam, Africa and where they got married in 1947. They soon moved to Nkongsamba, a little  province of Cameroon, in the MBO tribal region, where they spent their lives, as they considered themselves to have become “Octotone” .

R. Ngounou was born in 1925 in the Baham tribe in West Cameroon, Born to  Kamgain and Kouam. She was the 6th generation descendant of king of Mbangam village, on her mother’s side.

J. Moyo, born in 1910 in the tribal land of Badenkop in West Cameroon to mother Nzimeu.

J. Moyo went into World war II with French Army General Leclerc and returned a veteran with the rank of warrant officer. Inducted in Nkongsamba in 1946, J. Moyo got a Job as a truck driver in a European Company CHANAS, and from there he decided to invest in Nkongsamba, purchasing land and coffee to plant

R. Ngounou joined her husband in Nkongsamba in 1949 where they pursued agriculture as a profession enabling them to beqin their quest to help mankind. Rose continued this humanitarianism action after J. Moyo died on May16, 1995.

Ngounou and Moyo raised 9 children in N’kongsamba city where the couple  were known for feeding and clothing poor children, women, and even some entire families. Giving to families,  giving free  products to farmers, rental assistance, offering free land to some and raw materials and cooked food to the local church congregation was a regular practice for these two caring individuals.   They gave  jobs to hundreds of people. They began a program giving temporary land to one hundred women in Nkongsamba to grow their own food and enabling them to feed their own families. Their generosity and care never ceased.

Up until Rose’s death in November, 2015, she began giving homeless families places to stay, regardless of their tribe affiliation and she remained active as a philanthropist untill the very end.

Their work and their visions, combined with a pioneer attitude in a depressed area had to be continued. In Memory of Ngounou & Moyo, the NGM Foundation was created to continue honoring their memory and to continue their outstanding work in Cameroon, Chad, and Washington DC, with a vision of continuous benevolence throughout the world.