Fundraising Campaign

22 Jul

To answer the ever-growing need of poor children, girls who are out of school because of poverty, in  Cameroon,  and Chad , C.A.R, NGM Foundation will celebrate the ribbon cutting of the new  children, girls and young women’s services soon .DTBA  with AM local time

Our new  children, girls and young women's services will allow us to serve an estimated of at least thousand children, girls and women annually .This capacity will require an increase in resources necessary to run the children, and girls and young women 's Life Skills Program at the Foundation; the donation received from public be applied to the programming costs of  children, and girls and young women’s Life Skills Program, directly benefiting the children, girls, and young women who call our new service "hope."

Ngounou & Moyo foundation receives no government funding at this time - We rely on the good hearts and partners within the community, and beyond to come along side us to help feeding those children and restore the lives of poor girls, and women in Chad,  Cameroon, and beyond

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