What is the exact name of the charity?

Many organizations have similar-sounding names. It’s easy to assume a charity is the community organization with which you’re familiar, but this may not always be the case. NGOUNOU & MOYO (NGM) Foundation, Inc. , also called NGM foundation registered in Washington, DC USA, and is pending registration in three  Africa Countries. Any further questions could be addressed at info@NGM1F.org 

How does the charity use your contribution?

At least 70 percent of the charitable organization's total expenses is used for program services. Although fundraising and administrative costs are necessary to a well-managed organization, donors should expect that a substantial amount of their contributions are used for program services.

What are the organization’s unique mission and programs?

Different charities attack the same problem from different angles. Example three cancer charities may have three very different programs: making research grants to scientists publishing pamphlets on a healthy lifestyle providing free mammograms to low-income women. NGM foundation is a help mankind association, who is rescuing many children and elderly as possible from hunger, and poverty,and help as many women and girls as possible from poverty. NGM operate In Washington, DC -USA by giving scholarship to children in need,progressing to Center Africa Republic, West  and  North Cameroon, Chad, as Ndjamena , Bongor, Moundou, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Togo.

Is your contribution tax deductible?

Generally, contributions to organizations recognized by the IRS as 501(c)3 organizations are tax-deductible and contributions to most other types of organizations are not. However, there are exceptions. Also, when an organization is labeled "tax-exempt," this does not necessarily mean that the contribution is tax-deductible. Our form 1023 application  was granted, and we are tax-deductible with a 501(c)(3).