The following is a list of the projects that can be sponsored for Donations of $2,500 and named for Donations ranging from $10,500 to $ 25,000.00

Step 1           NGM foundation building improvement (1 project to complete

                       Improve structure  of the  distribution  in one city ( 1 project)

                      "Free Soup Kitchen for Kids  "  in one place  (1 project)

                       Water drilling and  pump installation in one zone (1 project)

Step 2           Good Samaritan- KIDS ( 4  projects)

                       Master KIDS Structure  ( 1 project )

                       Countries Selected for now  : 2

                       Set up disposition of distribution in 4 cities  ( 4 projects)

   Step 3      " Free Kids Food" spread in many places, in many cities, then in different countries ( multiple projects)

If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring or naming one of these projects , please email the foundation at giving@NGM1F.org