NGMF Hunger Matters

Infants and children growing up in tropical or subtropical areas (such as Africa, Asia, and South America) where there is  poverty are at risk for kwashiorkor.

Can kwashiorkor be prevented? 

YES, it can be prevented by eating a well-balanced diet because kwashiorkor is a dietary deficiency disease.  

By working together, we can reduce reduce the prominence of this disease by improving nutritional programs,  therefore helping millions of children grow healthy, and be properly educated for tomorrow.

The NGMF hunger matters platform works to improve the well-being of all children, and the elderly, by motivating individuals, communities, and organizations to make meaningful contributions toward the reduction of poverty for others. NGMF -"Hunger Matters" goal is to reduce the prevalence of poverty.  


NGMF in Cameroon, C.A.R, Chad, The Ivory Coast, & Togo

Children's Program

The Children's Program offers nourishment and nutritional education , and addresses other issues affecting child development, while individual is enrolled in our program.

Girls & Women's Program

This is a one-year skill training  program helping and training  young women to prepare them for real life situations especially interaction within the community, real life economics, and assists them to prepare for employment. 

NGMF Action in West & Central Africa

In West & Central Africa every life situation or crisis within the family – a death, unemployment, bad grades, or an unexpected pregnancy – demand an explanation. If there is no explanation then it is considered witchcraft. Unfortunately, poverty and lack of education limit a people's vision.

Poverty and a lack of education, it is anticipated, should be eradicated in the next 25 years. For that to be accomplished, we all must be in this together, working as a team. Healthy children have higher attendance records, higher academic test scores, and better behavior in class. NGMF is working in these areas to explain life's normal situations and instill hope in people's minds that with the reduction of hunger and a better education, one will have a clear focus and not always explain everything thru witchcraft.

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