About Us

How We Work

The Ngounou & Moyo Foundation (NGM) is an operating 501 ( c) (3) Foundation. The money raised by the NGM Foundation is spent directly on our programs, and not passed on to other organizations. 

The majority of the NGM Foundation’s charitable work is implemented and carried out by our staff and partners on the ground. 

We operate programs around the world that have a significant impact in a wide range of areas, including nutrition and wellness, economic development, and education. Participation in all of our diversified programs are open to both children and young adults with an emphasis on the young women of poverty stricken areas.

Our  Primary Principles

•Do a good deed, help someone in need

•Empowerment is life-changing

•No one has all the answers, but we can bring together the people who can find them.

•Results you can measure are the only results that matter.

•The greatest good is helping people live without poverty .

We Welcome you to Join us in our Goal

Populations without Poverty